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Bike + Coats

Bike + Coats


The Bike + Coats set includes:

  • 1 base;
  • 2 bike pegs;
  • 3 coat pegs.

Base and bike pegs come in the same color.*

Description :

Products designed and manufactured in Quebec. Steel base. Bike pegs made of aluminum and silicone. Pegs coats made of wood.

Check that your bike is compatible before buying by measuring your handlebars. The overall width of your handlebar must not exceed more than 55.5 cm (22") and a weight of 22.5 kg (50 lbs).

Most road bikes and fixed gear are compatible.

Dimensions : 600mm x 105mm x 328mm (23" 5/8 x 4" 1/8 x 13") (Width x Height x Depth including pegs)